Saturday, January 29, 2011

God Always Comes Down

We are in one of the longest Epiphany seasons. It's because Easter is the latest that it can possibly be. So, we have a lot of time to think about Jesus being the light of the world and revealing himself to us.

All of the gospel texts for this season show us one way, or another, how Jesus is revealed to us. It begins each Epiphany season, on the Day of Epiphany, when the Magi visit Jesus, symbolizing Jesus being revealed to the world. The Magi represent the world in this story. Then, we acknowledge Jesus' being revealed as the Son of God when he is baptized. Each week we see something new about Jesus as he is revealed in a new way.

What we do recognize is that Jesus is revealed to us. We never are in control of finding out about Jesus. You see, God always come s down. That is what this arrow portrays. The arrow reminds us how God acts and responds. God always comes down. That's another revelation from God through Jesus.

Think about it. God came down to Adam and Eve. God came down to Cain. God came down to Noah. God came down to Abraham. Throughout the Hebrew Testament, God always came down. The Christian Testament is the ultimate indication of God’s movement. God came down as one of us. God came down through Jesus.

Because of God’s coming down as Jesus, we have a model of the Godly life. Because God came down in Jesus, Jesus came down to be one of us and ultimately to die so that we may be one with God. Jesus came down for us and to redeem us.

This helps us to understand a basic theological understanding of our relationship with God: We are justified by faith through grace.

As the season of Epiphany continues, we are constantly reminded of God coming to us. The season ends with the transfiguration of Jesus. One more time Jesus is revealed to us, in his humanness, as he displays the glory of who he is.

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